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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We are all here on our own journey. It is OUR journey, no one else’s. A sense of humor, a sense of perspective and knowledge of our place in the grand scheme, I would think, is imperative for a wonderful life. It shocks me how terrifyingly absolute so many people are. And more ironically (or terrifying) is how sure these so called “enlightened” people view the political situation at hand. “Supposedly” if you embrace healing, pilates, yoga and all the “arts” that are to make you, energy and the world a better place, you understand that it is YOUR individual vibration, choice, action that effects the whole. I call out EVERY one of you posers who want MORE government control. Your lack of faith in yourself and others is shameful. Stop pretending you understand or “know” a damned thing. If you did you would understand the point of suffering, struggling, healing, giving and caring and you wouldn’t expect a big old band aid to make everything better.

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