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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Musings from years ago, they still seem to hold up today:

I would love to be one of those people marching for peace. I think it is the coolest thing: the idea of peace. It must feel so good to believe that if we just live peacefully that the world will accommodate us (I would actually love to see this happen); To know that what we are preaching is beautiful and right and wonderful. No more wars! No more guns. No more fighting!

These same people though also believe in the idea that everyone should be taken care of by the government: free education, free healthcare. If you’re out of a job it doesn’t matter…the government will take care of you if you can’t do it yourself. Raise the taxes and redistribute the wealth for a more equitable and peaceful society.

Practically an utopia one might think, and many have been indoctrinated to believe.

Let’s play that movie out shall we?

Wait, before playing that movie out let me first say that at one time I was a struggling single mom. I never once considered going on the dole or getting government assistance. I was and still am proud of being an American and all that entails: self-sufficiency, self-reliance and a sense of cooperation with my community.

So I am not someone speaking who couldn’t have benefited from handouts. I did take advantage of scholarship opportunities and other privately funded aid; organizations that I am happy to give to today.

I find it ironic that those who are arguing for less military and more government funding are the same people who probably haven’t worked a real job; the college student. It’s amazing how many radical leftist change to a conservative bent when they get their first hard earned paycheck. They’ve done the math in their heads: “$20/hour, 40 hours a week, yeah, I can cover rent and food and utilities”. And then WHAM they get that idealized paycheck after Uncle Sam gets a hold of it. The shock of that usually puts many of them straight. They start thinking, “I don’t even like my unemployed neighbor, why am I paying for his stuff?”

Then there is the wake up call. Suddenly they notice that not all the people they idolized are all good. Everyone and everything is flawed to some degree. They start to understand humanity and look at the world from a realistic “realpolitik” view. Again, when intelligence takes over they change their viewpoints to seeing the benefits of less government and it’s true best intent: to protect our rights and our property.

But let’s say they don’t get smart. Or that they continue to live in that beautiful peace and love haze (the one I mentioned I really liked in theory), which I admit suits the Dalai Lama well, but he isn’t running a country – he actually get’s shelter and protection from same.

We get rid of our military. We stop policing the rest of the world. And we start supporting everyone who thinks they can’t do for themselves, or those who choose not to work.

How long does this period last? How long until people wake up and realize that they have absolutely no choice and no control over their lives or their destiny; that they have become a cog in the giant machinery called government. That’s some scary scary shit. Not to mention that the global community is a living dynamic. Go small for a moment. Think back to high school or junior high. What if you applied the same rules to that situation that you want to impose on the United States? How do you control the bullies? Do you re-educate them? There are human laws in effect that cannot be undone. In a vacuum of power it is natural for the strongest to fill the space.

Sorry people. We didn’t win the American Revolution because we were right and just. We won because of our military strength. Same goes for WWII and all wars prior. Someone will fill that vacuum and for the Worlds sake I hope it is a power like the United States, which for all intents and purposes is the best that exists at this time.

When we give hand outs we enable. We lose that driving force that spawns creativity and ingenuity. When you are in the wild, what do they tell you? Don’t feed the animals. They become lazy, used to being coddled, forget how to feed themselves and lose the ability to survive. We are going to raise a generation of mediocrity and sloth, which admittedly makes the sheeple easier to control. Hmmmm something to think about isn’t it? I said it before and I’ll say it again: scary scary shit.

Before thinking it’s a good idea to have more government play the movie out. What does it look like? How can that be good? I choose to believe in the strength and beauty of humanity. I want that to win out. Those of you who want more government don’t think much of people as a whole it seems, so I guess turning us into a mindless mass of grey instead of allowing us to be the vibrant multi colored organisms we are, makes sense to you. We are supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people…I believe in the individual, I don’t want to see us lose our individuality so that “comfort” is maintained for all. Being uncomfortable leads to amazing things: great change, great ideas and stronger people.

Does seeing someone struggle make you uncomfortable? Don’t have children. They are going to fall when they learn to walk, wipe out when they learn to run and have massive pain when they fail. But if you don’t allow them this discomfort they will not become strong resilient adults.

We are infantilizing a nation with our proposed ideology. America is supposed to be the home of the brave and the strong, not the dependent and weak.

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