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Question Everything

When you have a narcissistic mother and sister, believe it or not, the fact that you are the one that is always “wrong” (in their eyes) is a gift. I am now very comfortable with the idea of being wrong about things. Which happens to be a great gift, since, as it turns out, I often am. We all are; and sometimes we don’t even know it.

As I’ve started to question the narrative more and more, from the belief system I was raised in, to my formal education and yes, of course the governmental systems, I have found that many of the beliefs I held were erroneous.

Most of us around the world, especially in westernized cultures, are products of systemic programming. We go to school and aren’t taught to question the books we read or lessons we learn but to hold them up as gospel truths. This includes all the sciences, from natural to psychological to social and medical. I also feel like there are gaping holes in our history, where certain subjects and eras are cherry picked for us to know and others we have no clue about unless we research ourselves. Worse is what is happening now, facts, whether completely true or not, are being taught with an agenda, or a bias that is so over the top its not even circumspect brainwashing but an out and out dumbing down of the population. It makes you HAVE to question if it hasn’t always been this way.

I think to some extent there has always been knowledge that has been kept from certain segments of society. And when you look at what has happened in the medical field, I am certain that actual knowledge of our bodies and health has been kept out of the curriculum, especially over the last 100 years. What they teach now is such a diluted, one-dimensional version of human health it is both sobering and sad – not to mention deadly.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is that yes, for most of my life I bought into all I was taught as gospel truth. I believed that the teachers actually knew what they were talking about and that my government worked just like I had been sold. My upbringing just reinforced these ideas and ideals until I was quite sure I had a solid grasp on knowledge and the world. Ha! Was I wrong.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t always toted the party line, you know: done things, as “I should”. I’ve used my senses to navigate the world around me as much as the facts I’ve been given. There is a part of me in which the things I’ve been taught never quite added up. There was always more that I could feel around me, than I had been taught was there.

But to grow and change and learn new things the first part is to acknowledge: maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I just don’t know. I’m doing that now. There is so much to unlearn, and the thing is, as has been pointed out by the “un-schoolers” I met, there are so many layers of my programming and “learning” that I don’t even know if I can get through them all to question things properly. I’m trying. We have to start somewhere. It’s ok to have a hypothesis that is wrong. I believe without a starting point though, you can’t get anywhere. So hang in there with me on this journey, I might get it wrong at times, but I am willing to admit it as I get new information and continue to grow.

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